Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Oh, I know, I suck at updating my journal. But I never seem to get around to it. Anyway, it's good to have Jacques back home. I was a bit worried about him getting lost in Canada, or deciding to stay with his overseas cousins... but of course he returned. He seems to have had a very nice trip and did a Jager bomb, he tells me all kinds of exciting news about the people and teddies he met overseas. He particularly likes to talk about his heroine Marthe who managed to heal his neck! We are all very thankful for that =) Now we don't have to fear that his head will come off. He and Börre brought home a few new friends as well... Hermoine the pig and Stitch the alien for our room and Sudden the bear, 626 the alien and Mushu the dragon for Sofus' room. It's always nice with new friends... but Roland does not seem to like Sudden too much. That's not good. Ah well, my life is just the way it usually is... nothing exciting happening really. The kids behave :)